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ETZA är en svartsköldpaddstabby honkatt född ca juni 2022. 

Hon kom till oss efter att hon hittas och levt hemlös i Hammarby sjöstad. 

Fd akutmatte berättar

Etza is the sweetest little nugget. She is not used to being touched by humans but over the couple months she spent with me, she’s opened her heart little by little to come closer and learn that humans are friends! She is super playful and energetic, has a big appetite and loves to cuddle with my cat. She has the biggest purr that you can hear from across the room. She loves watching tv and although she’s still learning that human touch is warm and friendly, she’s always sitting and sleeping close, always curious to see what I’m up to. She loves to chase after her toys and is scrumptious with her treats. She is confident, playful, curious but a bit shy little kitten.
It would be best if she’s adopted in a home with another cat, who can show her all the best things humans can offer but she would also be great on her own, in a quieter child-free home, since she still does get scared quite easily by noises or sudden movements. 

Vill du erbjuda Etza ett lugnt hem där hon får sällskap av en trygg kattkompis? Boka en tid för besök på Katthemmet.

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