Stockholms Katthem - Stockholm Cat Shelter

Stockholms Katthem, or Katthemmet, is a nonprofit organization providing temporary care and placement in new homes for homeless, abandoned, and cats in need in the greater Stockholm area. We are completely dependent on support from kindhearted donors and volunteers.

Our mission is the following:

  1. To work to improve cats’ rights and social status in Stockholm and Sweden.
  2. To help cats that are abandoned and in need by taking them in at Katthemmet or through other appropriate and possible means.
  3. To, when a cat is brought into Katthemmet, ensure that it receives the care that can reasonably be given.
  4. To, when the cat’s health allows it, place the cat in a new home, where its new owner has signed a contract committing him/herself to take good care of the cat. A fee, as a contribution to the costs involved with caring for the cat, is taken from the cat’s new owner.
  5. To give advice about the care and keeping of cats and inform the public and specifically cat owners about the necessity of the id-marking and neutering/spaying of cats in order to decrease the cat population in Stockholm.
  6. To work together with the police and the public regarding lost and found cats, in order to, if possible, reunite them with their owners.
  7. To only after consultation with a veterinarian allow cats who are incurably sick or injured to be euthanized.

Opening Hours

If you would like to visit us, book a time by clicking on "Boka tid". 

Boka tid i Nacka


Skurusundsvägen 159

131 46 NACKA

Telephone: +46 8 74437 61
Plusgiro: 90 01 79-3
Organisationsnummer: 802015-4517  

How to find us
There are direct bus lines from Slussen. Take bus 409 or 449, the stop is Kungshamn (or Visborgs Minne).

By car from Stockholm take road 222 towards Gustavsberg and exit towards Skuru, just before Skuru bridge. Turn left and follow Skurusundsvägen for approximately 5 minutes. At a Sharp lefthand turn, turn right and follow the signs.

Adopt a cat from Katthemmet
To adopt a cat from Katthemmet, your first step is to schedule a visit (click "Boka tid” above or on the start page). During your visit, you’ll have the chance to see all the cats currently residing at Katthemmet and ask any questions you may have about adopting a cat. When you have found a cat who captures your heart, you can inform the volunteers on shift, who will discuss our adoption policy with you and help you to fill out a reservation form.

If you are interested in a cat in a foster home (akuthem) listed on the webpage, send an email to to arrange a first meeting. Tell a bit about yourself in your email, including where you live and if you have any previous experience with cats, and make sure to include your daytime phone number.

You will then need to make two repeat visits within the next seven days in order to continue with the adoption. If the cat is feral (skygg) or has other special needs, you will need to make four repeat visits in the span of fourteen days. The repeat visits can be done every day of the week 9:30-12:30 or 18:30-20:00.

IMPORTANT: If you do not make your repeat visits or contact us during the time indicated, your cat will be made available for adoption by others. As such, it is important that you immediately contact us if you become sick or cannot make your visits for another reason.

General rules for adoption
- All of our cats are sold as indoor cats. Exceptions may be made for owners living in the countryside, but it also depends on which cat is chosen.
- Without exception, kittens up to seven months are NEVER sold as "single cats.” The adopter must either already have a cat at home or adopt a second cat along with the kitten. Some of our adult cats are also sold with the condition that they have a cat companion.
- One must be a legal adult (myndig) in order to reserve or adopt a cat. If the adopter still lives with the parents, they of course have to agree to the adoption.

- As cats can live to be 15-20 years old, those who are 70 or older must choose a cat who is at least five years old. A younger relative must sign an agreement to either take care of the cat, or return the cat to the shelter, should the adopter fall seriously ill or die. A person older than 80 years will not be allowed to adopt.
- Regardless of the new owner’s age, he/she or another member of the household must be able to carry out all of the practical tasks associated with owning a cat: cleaning the litter box, transporting the cat to the veterinarian when necessary, clipping the cat’s claws, etc.

- If there is already a cat in the home, it should be fully vaccinated.

When the cat is ready for delivery (all of the required visits have been made, it is fully vaccinated, it is neutered/spayed and id-marked if an adult, any stitches have been removed and no further medical care is required) you will be contacted to agree on a day and time for the delivery. You must be prepared to receive your new family member within 7-9 or 14-16 days from the reservation date. If you are not available during this time then you will not be allowed to reserve the cat.

We deliver each cat personally to its new home, within 100 km of Stockholm.

Payment can be made by credit/debit card at Katthemmet before the delivery or by cash at the time of the delivery.

Each cat costs 2 500 SEK regardless of age and appearance. This fee covers vaccinations, id-marking, deworming, neutering/spaying of physically mature cats, any medical attention the cat has required, and contributes to the cat’s day-to-day costs for its time at Katthemmet (food, litter, etc.)

At the time of delivery, a contract between the adopter and Katthemmet is signed where the adopter formally commits to making sure that the cat is well-cared for and taking responsibility for its needs.

From Katthemmet’s side, the contract guarantees to the furthest possible extent that the cat is healthy. You can always contact us if a problem should arise or if you have any questions. You can also always, as a last resort, return the cat if, for instance, someone in the family should become allergic, you must move abroad and cannot take the cat with you, or the cat absolutely cannot get along with a cat you already have.

E-mail addresses:
General emails to Katthemmet and the current director, plus enquiries about cats in akuthem (temporary homes outside the shelter):
Enquiries about membership and payments:
Sponsoring and donations:
Notices about cats needing a new home:
Send updates on adopted cats:
Press/media contact:

When you send an email to, please include a phone number where we can reach you during daytime hours. Often we need time to find the answer to a question, so the time taken to send an answer can be drawn out. We cannot guarantee an immediate response to emails, we do all that we can to answer as quickly as possible, but our resources are very limited. Volunteers answer all other email addresses.

For all other enquiries, please contact

Support Katthemmet
As we are a completely not-for-profit organization, we are entirely dependent on support from generous individuals and companies. Financial support is used mainly for food, litter, veterinary care, and medicine for the cats. If you would like to support us you can do so by working as a volunteer, donating supplies, sponsoring a cage, and more. You can also order our calendar here.

Sponsor the cats at Katthemmet
As a sponsor for the cats at Stockholms Katthem you donate an amount of your choice every month, from 50 SEK and upward. It is also possible to make a payment every three or six months.

Sponsors are the financial foundation of Stockholms Katthem. Without our generous sponsors it would not be possible to operate to our current extent, despite all of our wonderful volunteers – the important contribution made by our sponsors cannot be stressed enough. It is in large part thanks to their donations that we can pay for food, litter, veterinary care, toys, our facilities, and everything else that ensures the cats’ well being.

Katthemmet’s finances are routinely reviewed by a certified accountant and our "90-account", only available to approved charitable organizations, is further assurance that your financial donations will be handled correctly.

To become a sponsor, contact us!

Café Cat

We host Café Katt ("Café Cat”) the first Sunday of every month (except July and August) from 2-5 p.m. At Café Katt visitors can visit cats as well as buy coffee, baked goods and Katthem merchandise to support Katthemmet. Special events are also organized on a regular basis and advertised on the webpage. Recent events have included a Christmas market, an Open House, and Yard Sale.


Financial support
To make a one-time financial gift, you can easily deposit a monetary donation to Plusgiro account 90 01 79-3. Please mark your donation with "gåva” ("gift” in Swedish). As we have a "90 account,” it is free to transfer in money at all Nordea, Handelsbanken, SEB and Swedbank branches in Sweden.

For international transfers:
IBAN SE40 9500 0099 6026 0900 1793
Bank: Nordea

Swish: 1239001793

Donate cat items (carriers, furniture, toys, etc.)
We are very happy to receive scratching posts, litter boxes, cat carriers, toys, etc. If your items are used then they must be in good condition and clean.

We are very grateful for gifts of canned cat food as we always have many mouths to feed. In terms of dry food, we have chosen to only serve our guests high-quality food purchased directly from Hill's. We prefer to only serve one brand of food as cats’ digestion can be upset if their food is switched too often. Cats who require veterinary food are of course provided with it. If you would like to donate this type of food we prefer the package to be unopened.

Cat litter
Cat litter is also in high demand, so we are very grateful for all donations of clumping cat litter.

Old sheets and towels
At Katthemmet we use cloth rags in daily cleaning and are therefore very pleased to receive old sheets, towels and similar absorbent fabrics that we can cut up and reuse.

Become a member
As a member of Stockholms Katthem you have the ability to contribute to the future of Katthemmet by participating in our yearly meetings and board elections. You can also submit motions for how our operations can be developed or changed. Membership costs 200 SEK per calendar year.

Contact us to sign up!

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