2 maj 2010


Hej Katthemmet ,

I would like to show you how Masala is doing in her new home. The beginning was really hard for her. She has been hiding behind sofa in living room over 5 weeks. She went to eat and to litter only when nobody was around. She was really shy and very careful.... Anyway she made it and now is Masala having her favorite place on window and no more hiding. She is still shy and still a little bit scared but getting use to all new stuff around her. Masala loves the food! So I know how to make her better mood...nice food.

She likes to play and frankly I try to entertain her because she is lying on window whole day so I believe she needs a little activity I don't want to become her to fat. She let me brush her up and twist her to get more. And I have to say she has really nice thick fur. The only thing I'm worry about is her claws. Since she came to me she did not use them, she did not scratch on tree. So her claws grew really long. She doesn't want to let me cut them. So I try to wait little bit more maybe she is gonna be more sensible.

Anyway Masala is really sweet and easygoing cat but not really lovering cat. She is over 5 years old so I understand she needs much more time to get use to things. I'm happy to have her and hope she'll like to be with me. Thanks to Katthemmet Masala got to mine home.


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