16 apr 2023

Hamish & MacAllister

It’s been a little over 1 year since Hamish and McAllister (names were kept) came home with us. We can really see why they were given away together: they really love one another! They love chasing each other, groom, cuddle, play-fight and are super curious about everything ;) After a couple days of initial shyness, Hamish quickly got a liking to us and wants to play all the time, loves getting cuddles (especially on the belly in which case he looks like he passes out from relaxation :D) and enjoys sitting with us when we work. McAllister on the other hand took much longer and the first months mostly sat during the day in his safe space behind the couch, though he did join us in the living room in the evenings and for some playing. With time he got braver and braver, first taking his day-naps out in the open, occasionally letting himself be combed and in the past few months he’s really made a big jump! He now allows us to pet and brush him and judging by his purring, he really enjoys it! :) Just sometimes he still has the sudden realisation that we are humans and gets a bit scared briefly, but then quickly relaxes again once he realises everything is fine. He is still a bit cautious with other people though, but this is also improving.

We are very happy to have found these two boys, they make our lives brighter and funnier and we hope/think they like it too. 

Thanks a lot that you brought them to us!
Greetings from Hamish, McAllister, A. & D.

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